Thursday, April 20, 2017

One month, tenth days and other lengths of time that are stressing me out.

I haven't abandoned you blog. I've just been stressed/busy with wedding planning, work, Bosco and life in general

Wedding planning - our wedding is one month from today! When did that happen? I'm excited but stressing about everything going smoothly. I'm taking a gamble by ordering my flowers through the internets but every florist I called couldn't do it. Here is my tip for you. Order you bouquet way early. IT WILL ALL BE OK. If you say it in caps it makes it true.

work - still very busy and still understaffed. We have a new assistant starting May 1st and a college student working over the summer helping out. My desk looks like a paper factory exploded.

Bosco - had some teeth pulled a biopsy on a small spot on his leg. He's been in a cone for TEN DAYS. It has felt like a damn lifetime! He was not pleased which means I'm not pleased and it has not been fun for anyone. I tried explaining this to Bosco but he is, after all, a cat. The good new is his stitches were removed today and he doesn't need the cone anymore. *paw five*

I will catch up on blogs soon. I need to check in on my internet peeps.


  1. Cats in Cones do not go well together.

    I have to be honest and say that ordering your bouquet online does sound like a risky thing to do, but what do I know? And I'm sure IT WILL BE OK!

    1. It is! I hope it works out ok. I'll make sure to post about the flowers.

  2. One month! Well... even less now. But I'm also sure IT WILL BE OK!

    I've only had to deal with a cat in a cone once. She kept walking backwards, trying to get out of the "tunnel". I'm glad Bosco's out.

    1. Bosco was doing that too. So glad i t's off.