Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The bride-to-be (L) and me from recent night out
This is a short workweek for me but it certainly doesn't feel like it. This weekend is my friend Germana's bachelorette party in New Hampshire and I'm not so patiently counting down the days. Who wouldn't be excited for a weekend away with friends? Thursday night I'll be heading up to Maine with Fiona and Kerry and spending the night at Fiona's family's cabin. We'll make the drive to New Hampshire Friday morning to start decorating the house we rented before the bride-to-be and other guests arrive.

We received a group text tonight from Fiona (bride-to-be not included) informing us that she dropped the cake she was making for the bachelorette. I feel for her because this is a total Ginny move and she spent hours working on this cake. Luckily, we think the cake can be salvaged. If not at least we have cupcakes and a funny story to tell Germana. I am responsible for decorations which will be absolutely fine if dropped.

Bag of goodies
Bag of goodies to be revealed in future blog post.


  1. I quite often dj for bachelorette parties, "Hen Nights" and boy are they fun, loud and every one is drunk apart from me!

    1. This is why we got our own house. We can be as loud as we want. I'll probably randomly yell out "HEN NIGHT" at some point in your honor Joe.

  2. How fun - a weekend with the"Hens".

  3. I quite often dj for bachelorette parties,