Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane flashlight improv

The stores are all out of flashlights so I had to make due with the Halloween aisle. Glow sticks and battery operated candles. I probably should have got more glow sticks. The cats really like a good rave.

I do have a ton of yankee candles so if the power goes it will be a cinnamon-pine-fresh linen-cranberry scented rave.

The T shut down at 2 so I'm home and well prepared. Besides my Halloween aisle stash I have some bread for pb&j, some sunchips (harvest cheddar of course), cereal and granola bars.

I think I'm ready.


  1. Seems like you're pretty prepared. I like your ingeniuty with the glowsticks.

  2. I can just picture you and your cats having a rave party! Stay safe and keep us updated.