Sunday, October 14, 2012

My day at a farm and the funniest goat I've ever heard

Melissa asked me on Saturday if I wanted to "do fall things" with her. Well I love fall so I didn't know what "fall things" entailed but I knew it would fun.

We went to a farm north of Boston in Haverhill and enjoyed a nice New England fall day.

A new friend:

This goat made the funniest noises. You'll hear me cracking up in the background of this video.

Apple cider doughnut. It was delicious:

The pumpkin patch:

I'm very excited about the pumpkin patch:

Melissa is a part time pumpkin model: 

Perfect pumpkins:
I really wanted to take a pumpkin home and carve it but my building doesn't allow anything placed outside on the steps. One of these days I'll live in an apartment where I can proudly place my carved pumpkin on my porch.

There was a corn maze on the farm and we could here some kids yelling "we made it!!!" while we were in the pumpkin patch. Making it out of the maze is an accomplishment. Last year a woman called 911 because she couldn't find her way out of a corn maze. These kids didn't seem to have this problem.

I love fall in New England.


  1. Awww I WANT AN APPLE CIDER DONUT. It all seems so nice and fall-y.

  2. Oh I LOVE pumpkin patches! So fun!

    1. Me too! I've never been to an actual patch before.

  3. That goat is adorable. I have been trying to convince Mindy that we need a goat for years now. Tennessee has these awesome goats that faint when they are scared. They just freeze up and fall over. I love them.

    1. Tell Mindy that I would like you to get these goats as well.