Thursday, November 8, 2012

First snow and the olden days of the intetnets

First snow of the season. Most of it melted by the morning. It will probably be 70 next week because that's how mother nature rolls in New England. She rolls crazy and sometimes I wonder if she's drunk.

One positive about not having a car right now is no shoveling and no clearing my car off. Two things I dislike very much. When I'm old I'm moving to Florida. I can't even handle the cold weather now.

I'm currently reading about the "good old days" of early internet journals. I had a livejournal back in the day and I wish that I had kept in contact with some of people I knew through there. I think I had a blog at diaryland too. I learned html for that crap. I was dedicated.

To all the blogs I read now. Don't stop blogging! I'll be sad and when I'm old and all the youngsters are blogging with their eyeballs or some other weird crap I'll be like "I remember the good old days of blogger and wordpress and using your fingers to type" and then I'll be wondering whatever happened to you guys and then I'll forget what I was sad about because I'll be old and forgetful.

I think it's time to end this post before I get all teary eyed and start feeling old.

p.s. I think one of my old aim names was moonprincess. What?! My best aim name though was killerdustbunnies.


  1. Oh old aim names. I am pretty sure one of mine was lowridercowgirl and another was acidslurpeelove.

  2. One of my old aim names was crazemarshmellow. I think I was 12. What was wrong with me?

  3. You don't stop blogging either, my dear!