Friday, November 16, 2012

Toothbrush lady and other office bathroom weirdness.

Our office shares a bathroom with the other businesses on our floor. There are a few ladies who have some strange and/or gross bathroom habits.

Toothbrush lady. I don't know her name but I do know which company she works for. She brushes her teeth like a beast. There's toothpaste all over the sink and on the mirror. I'm all for good dental hygiene but she's going to have no teeth left to brush soon. And maybe she could wipe the mirror and the sink down?

Toothbrush lady also likes to take paper towels to line the toilet seat. I don't think she realizes that paper towels clog up plumbing. I'm tempted to leave a sign because I feel bad for the cleaning people.

Then there are the ladies who don't wash their hands. I'm right there, and I see you coming out of the stall and then skipping the sink and leaving. I try to use my forearm to open the bathroom door.

The ladies in my office are clean and wash their hands and we all know who toothbrush lady is. We like to warn each other when we return from the bathroom.

"The sink is covered in toothpaste and the toilet in the first stall is clogged again."

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