Monday, January 28, 2013

National Grid wants my pretend baby to freeze

I woke up around 4 a.m. freezing. My nose was cold, and when my nose is cold that means it's freezing in my book. I turn on my lamp and blind myself trying to read my thermostat. It was in the low 60s which meant my heat was not working. I felt my radiators to be sure and they were cold.

I swore a few times and grabbed my flash light to investigate.

My basement is pretty creepy. It's old and has a creepy room with a single wooden chair with that lone light bulb swinging overhead. Yea, creepy.

Every unit in my building has gas heat so there's 17 burners. I find the one for my unit and there's a notice on there from National Grid telling me they shut off my heat due to carbon buildup. I looked at the date and it was dated Sunday so this just happened. I was PISSED. Why would National Grid shut off my heat and not tell me? A phone call, a note on my door, anything would have been nice. I was not the only unit to have their heat turned off, 5 other units had their heat shut off along with mine.

I texted my landlord at 4:30 a.m. and he called me back right away. He had someone come out at 7 a.m. but as of right now it's still not fixed.

I called National Grid to ask them why they didn't inform me that they shut off my heat. Apparently they have no record of anyone going out there and the guy kept telling me that there should be a note on my door if my heat was turned off. I told him three times that there was not note on my door, only on the burner.

I lost my patience. I finally angry whispered (I was at work):

ME:  "What if I had a baby and you shut off my heat!"

National Grid Guy: "Do you have a baby?"

ME: "No...."

NGG: .....silence......

NGG: Well we didn't send anyone out there.


The slip had the National Grid logo on it so someone from National Grid was there.

I finally told him never mind and hung up.

Right now I'm using a small space heater. The cats are enjoying it.

I'm hoping it will be fixed tomorrow because my pretend infant child needs heat!


  1. Pretend infant. Ha. I've got one of those too...

  2. Hahaha Pee Wee is my pretend infant, too. Hopefully you get your heat on soon!!! Stay warm!

    1. I do call them my babies. My fur babies.

  3. Hahaha, I can't believe you said that. Love it.

    1. I was pretty mad and it just came out.

  4. The lack of concern for pretend infants is depressing.

  5. Haha! I wonder what the guy on the phone thought about your imaginary baby..

    Sorry about your lack of heat, though. I can't imagine how cold it's gotta be. My mom keeps the temperature at like 68 in my house and that's bad enough. Keep bundled!

    1. Thanks, I borrowed a space heater so I was ok. It's fixed now and it's 60 go figure.

  6. I think those power companies piss me off more than any other services. They have such a monopoly that they can do whatever they want without caring about their customers.
    I have had numerous space heater-warmed nights.

    Here's hoping your heat gets turned on soon!

    1. It's true. I can't get gas through anyone else in my building so I'm stuck.