Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enjoy your time BUT NOT FOR TOO LONG

Enjoy your time at our restaurant (BUT ONLY FOR 1.5 HOURS THEN YOU'RE DONE). And please eat all your food or WE CHARGE YOU DOUBLE.

I just want to eat some Sushi, I don't need all these rules in tiny print.


  1. Hahahah someone is sick of people sitting around chatting and drinking tea..

  2. This is too funny. I would have waited it out to 91 minutes just to see what would happen.

  3. oh my gosh! that is insane. rules at dinner. i think NO!

  4. I assume that's an all-you-can-eat sushi place, in which case the rules are totally legit. I've been to places like that (with the exact same rules actually, in a suburb of Chciago) and we totally would have stayed all day if we could. And we totally did order way more than we could actually eat at that moment. We were like force-feeding the one guy who was with us so that we didn't have to pay extra, haha.

    1. They have all you can eat at certain times and don't specify that's what they are referring to which was why I was so confused. They should specify as to not freak the non all you can eat sushi people out ha ha