Sunday, March 3, 2013

Now I want to go to prom

Today I went to try on dresses for my cousin's wedding in August. I forgot that it was prom season so the store was overrun with seventeen year old girls trying on prom dresses. I swear I did not look like that when I was seventeen. What is happening? Why do high school seniors look like 20 year olds? It's freaking me out.

Being surrounded by brides and thousands of white dresses really makes you want to either get married or go to prom again. Instead of casual Fridays can we have fancy dress Fridays? I'd like that.

We picked the bridesmaid dresses pretty quickly. You have to go in with a game plan because it is a dress war zone in there. Dresses flying, bells ringing, dressing room shuffling. Guys have no idea what us ladies go through.

I've always said the bride can dress me in whatever she wants. If she wants me to wear a trash bag then I'll wear a trash bag. Luckily I like the dress. I find it very flattering and it looks good on all of us.

So the stress of picking out the bridesmaid's dresses is done. My cousin is happy, we're happy and now I want to go to prom, and to my cousin's wedding because it's going to be a blast. Seriously, I love that girl and we are an awesome group of bridesmaids.

*We've told Alexis her bachelorette theme is now prom and it's going to be awesome and sparkly and someone will be crowned queen (the bride to be of course)*

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  1. Bridesmaid dress shopping is one of the worst experiences. I love shopping, but the young girls looking for prom dresses are the worst. However, they aren't as bad as the 18 year olds looking at bridal gowls. Blech...