Monday, March 25, 2013

Recasting, Spring Breakers and James Franco is a creep-o

Amanda Bynes playing James Franco's character in Spring Breakers

Can you see it? I can. Maybe she can do the sequel.

And can we recast James Franco in Oz the Great and Powerful? Too slime ball for my liking. I think I was suppose to like him by the end of the movie but I did not. Maybe Jospeh Gordon-Levitt? Maybe I just want him in everything.

Although China Girl killed it in Oz.

 I'm usually creeped out by any dolls that move and/or talk but not this time. Adorable.

Just don't get facial piercings and ruin your life and tweet creepy things at Drake China Doll.


  1. I wanna see that movie! Though that doll looks creepy.

    1. she's actually pretty cute. James Franco though is creepy ha ha