Monday, March 25, 2013

Being an adult is hard

Bosco is doing ok despite his crystals and peeing a lot. He's being good about using the box (most of the time). Today I think he's feeling a bit better which is good because I'm sure everyone is sick of me talking about it.

So let's talk about non-kitty related things like being an adult. It's hard. I don't like it sometimes. I still call my mom to ask her stupid questions even when I know the answer. I'm pretty sure something is wrong with my gas meter. I don't know if it's a leak or what but the amount of therms I'm using has pretty much doubled and that makes no sense because I had no heat for 3 days and I have been turning my heat down. I am not looking forward to dealing with this because I feel like I just dealt with heating issues.

I hate where I live. Do not live in an old building. DO NOT. Especially if it's 100 years old.

Sometimes I wish someone would do this all for me and I wouldn't have to think about it. Bringing my cat to the vet, paying for the vet, crappy apartment issues and bills. But you know it comes with the territory. I can eat ice cream for dinner and no one will yell at me except for my doctor, but I would never admit to eating horribly to my doctor, just like how I only drink 2-3 beers a week.....

I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes it sucks being an adult and having to deal with things but that's life and at least you can eat ice cream for dinner if you want to.


  1. Agreed. All the responsibilities can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes, but then you just say 'fuck it' and eat cold pizza for breakfast because that's what adults do.

  2. I'm glad kitty is doing okay. And i do the same thing. "Mom, how long can beans stay in the fridge before they go bad? Can I freeze greek yogurt?"

  3. I had club crackers and pepperoni for dinner three times last week. And a couple of weeks prior to that I had bagel bites three or four times in one week. Sometimes those lovely life decisions make the sucky parts of being an adult not so bad. :)

  4. Yep, the last sentence nails it! What's funny though, is that when I do things like eat gobstoppers and chef boy r dee for dinner because I'm a "grown up" and I can, it actually makes me feel less grown up and that is somehow usually very thrilling.

    1. so true! I never really though of it that way.