Saturday, March 23, 2013

vet vist part 500

I came home from work Friday all ready to go out and have some food and drinks when I noticed that Bosco was acting funny. And by acting funny I mean he peed on my bed and kept peeing outside the box. It wasn't even a lot of pee so I knew, he must have a UTI or something going on. I called my mom multiple times which freaked her out and when I didn't answer when she called back she was calling my brother, my cousin and my aunt to try to reach me.

I brought Bosco to the vet first thing this morning. $438.00 later he has a UTI and crystals in his urine. I now have more drugs to give him and special kitty food for bladder health. Fun times over here.

He's now sleeping on  my lap while he smells faintly of pee but he seems to be more calm on my lap and is not actually peeing on me.

We've both had a rough day.


  1. Vets are so expensive. And so is that "bladder health" food. I had to get that once too (for my cat, of course) and she hated it. So that was fun.

    Hope he gets better soon!

  2. Oh no, poor Bosco. Glad he's feeling better.