Friday, April 26, 2013

American Girl dolls.

I saw a conversation on Instagram about American Girl dolls and it brought back many great memories from my childhood.

My first American Girl doll was Molly. My two best friends had a Samantha and a Kirsten. At this time there were only three dolls. American girl dolls are not cheap. When I was a kid I believe they were $83.00 or $89.00. For a single mother of two, that was a lot of money for my mother. Later on I learned from a friend of my mother how hard she worked to save the money for that doll, and how excited she was to see me open it on Christmas. And I was excited when I got Molly. I still to this day remember opening that gift and I played with Molly all the time.

A few years later I got Samantha. I was equally as excited and played with her and Molly for a long time. My grandmother made me all of these adorable doll clothes. Some of my favorites included bits from my grandfather's ties.

I sold Molly and Samantha a few years ago on Cragistlist. I don't regret it one bit. The woman I sold them to had two girls and they both wanted American Girl dolls but she couldn't afford to buy two brand new dolls. They are now over $100.00 brand new. I met up with her and she brought her daughters with her. They were so excited and thanked me over and over again. I was happy that the dolls would be played with again and the clothes my grandmother made for the dolls would be appreciated.

I went to the American Girl site today and I was a bit sad to find that Samantha, Kirsten and Felicity are no longer sold. I'm sure at some point they will come out of "retirement" and there are plenty of dolls available for girls to enjoy.

In conclusion, American Girl dolls are awesome and sometimes I wish I could get that excited over a Christmas present again. Also, my mom is awesome as was my grandmother.


  1. I remember getting mine as well. I got Kirsten and then a could years later I got one of the very first dolls that look like you that they offered.I named her Gia after the friend Stephanie had on Full House. I still have mine. Never thought about selling them. My mom was a single mom too and Christmas was one of those times a year where she made sure that I didn't realize we were poor.

  2. I always wanted one but never got one :( My parents gave me the books though! Samantha was my main girl!

  3. I had Samantha and Kirsten. And I remember getting into a fight with my friend in second grade over whether Samantha or Molly was better. I think my parents gave the dolls to their friends' granddaughters a couple of years ago.

    It's really sad that they won't be available anymore. Their new line of dolls aren't nearly as interesting.

  4. That's so nice of you to give your dolls to someone else! I gave my books to one of my nieces a few years ago, and she really liked them. I'm having a hard time parting with my doll, though. I think a big reason is she's kind of gross (her hair is messy and her face is kind of dirty) and you know...She scares the dickens out of Nick. That's always good fun.