Thursday, April 18, 2013

Returning to "normal".

We're all trying to get back to a normal routine here but there are reminders everywhere you look. Signs, flowers, armed police and military. I take a round about route to get to work as I usually go down Boylston Street which is still blocked off. I can't watch the news anymore. I need a break.

I've been exercising and reading so let's talk about that. Now that it's not winter anymore I've been getting back into an exercise routine. It feels good. I've been waking up at 6:30 (which is an ungodly, awful, no good hour if you ask me) to exercise. I am so not a morning person. I also can't drink caffeine so REALLY not a morning person. Please tell me it gets easier. I mean I'm fine once I get up, it's the getting up part that I'm not good at.

I'm about half way through the Night Circus. I'm not usually one for a ton of description. I gave up on a book once because it talked about a tree for two pages. Not my cup of tee. But I'm surprised that I'm not bored by the description in the Night Circus. Someone wrote that the Night Circus was a slow burn. I forgot where I read that or I would link to it. I think that describes it pretty well. I'm a bit worried that the end will be anti-climactic but I guess I will find out.

One thing that is bothering me though is the fact the the two main characters, Marco and Celia, don't seem to really want to be in this mysterious competition or know why they are and yet they don't walk away? I'm assuming (and hoping) this will be answered as I keep reading.


  1. I absolutely adored The Night Circus. The reason they don't walk away is because they were "bound" to the competition since they were children. That's why the had those rings burned in to their fingers.

    1. Ah yes I keep forgetting about the rings. I guess I just want to know how they are bound, what prevents them? What would happen if they tried to walk away? I suppose I need to keep reading and find out.