Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Granny carts and stress and what the "eff"

So I ordered a granny cart to help me lug my cat litter from the store.

That sentence would be pretty sad if I was single. Ah who am I kidding it's still lame.

Well the granny cart came in today and it is HUGE. I do not need this massive carriage to cart my kitty litter and groceries. I ordered it off of amazon and apparently did not pay attention to the size.

If anyone needs me to cart a dead body, give me a call. I have the perfect cart that we can use.


Car shopping = STRESS.

I should be excited about having a car again but the process just stresses me out. I just want a car without all the hassle of searching and haggling. I haven't even gone and looked at a car and I'm annoyed.

Since we're on the topic would you recommend that I bring the car to a mechanic of my choosing even if I'm buying from a dealer (a used car that is)?  My mother says I should, this seems smart but like a lot more work trying to coordinate that.

Thoughts? HELP ME.

Too many caps in this post. I really need a vacation but even thinking about going on a vacation is stressful because then I'd have to catch up with everything at work and I feel like that will never happen.

I think I need to inhale some lavender and calm the eff down. Or maybe wheel me away in my giant granny cart the magical land of calm.

p.s. Derek thinks it's weird that sometimes I say "eff" like I'm censoring myself. I don't know why I do that, it's like I'm afraid a child will over hear me.



    the granny cart! hahahha oh my god. that made me laugh out loud.

    I only laugh because I buy those 14lb boxes of Fresh Step and by the time I get back to my apartment my arms are weeping. I understand the need for a cart to begin with.

    Maybe...we could just...cut the granny cart in half and share it, across the country. Single cat ladies.

    1. Oh my God this is a perfect idea. Sounds like you could use a cart too.

      And I just realized I wrote this post wrong as if I was single. My boyfriend was like what? You're single? Oops.

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    1. you can't delete your comments punk :p

    2. Why not, apparently you deleted part of your post :p