Sunday, May 19, 2013

One year

Saturday was our one year anniversary.

Master blurry photo taker (myself). I mean I had a few drinks at this point so.....

We had dinner at the Back Bay Social Club which was good but we were still hungry due to upscale restaurant tiny portions syndrome. We went to a bar near by and ate some calamari.

We didn't end the night there though. We went to the Last Hurrah for a drink which is where we had our first date.

AND THEN we went to the Rosebud in Somerville which is closing. I'm really sad about that. I love the Rosebud. I think they're going to renovate the bar but it won't be the same.

Derek got me a necklace and earrings. (The earrings are not pictured)

I feel like a big jerk because I didn't get him a gift. Now I'm going to have to get him something awesome or maybe offer him many back rubs in return.

I've never had a one year anniversary before and Derek made it a good one.

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  1. who could resist a good back rub? Crazy people, that's who.