Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pillow thief

Look at this cute jerk.

Bosco likes pillows. He won't be having pillow access much longer. Once Derek and I move in together kitties out of the bedroom.

I love Charlie's Kitchen despite the dirty hipster smell that happens in there sometimes. Deodorant and showers are good my friends. Don't avoid them just because everyone does it.

We saw This is the End. I liked it and Derek hated it. It had its funny moments but there were a few bits that were too fart joke humor. I did love the very very end. I won't give it away but all I'll say is that's what I'd wish for too! I think I squealed and slapped Derek's arm.

I love the owls in the Somerville Theater. I took a picture of this before but I couldn't help myself. Next time I'll have to take pictures of the other random owls around the theater.

On the side of my popcorn it said "delicious and nutritious" I pointed this out to Derek so he'd know I was eating healthy.

Its been pretty hot during the day. I came home and found Bosco roasting himself. What is wrong with cats? I still have no AC in my apartment and probably will not until I move in August. I should probably become a cat until then.

One more day off and then back to work. I plan on being very lazy and hot tomorrow.


  1. I heard it was funny, but I'm not dying to see it, either. And AWW KITTY! Let kitty have the pillow! KITTY!

    1. It had its moments for sure.

      I know right? He's so cute.

  2. Those pictures of Bosco make me miss my cat something FIERCE. Also, about the pillow... you know what they say! You can't teach an old cat.. new places to sleep! Or something!