Sunday, July 7, 2013


This was quite possibly the hottest camping trip I've ever been on. Usually it's hot during the day but nice and cool at night. We had no such luck this time. We cooled off in the pond when we could but we still had a fire going at night because you can't go camping and not have a camp fire.

I was having a good time entertaining some kids. In case you were wondering Justin Bieber is out and One Direction is in. I also taught them how to do the "dead man's float" which turned into them doing dead animal impressions in the water.

And this happened

girl: what should my name be?
me: how about Kielbasa?
girl: yes I want to be called Kielbasa!

the next day

Uncle Scott: who wants kielbasa?
girl: Kielbasa's a sausage?! Hey!

I think I need a few more showers and a good nap before I feel human again but it was a fun trip.

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