Thursday, August 29, 2013

Florida is the Amazon

The last time I was in Florida was nine years ago. Now I don't know if I wasn't paying attention before or if Disney World is in a bubble but Florida is like the Amazon. From the moment I've arrived I've seen a ton of wildlife - wild turkeys, giant spiders, ticks, snakes, lizards and frogs. 

I'm willing to make friend's with lizards and frogs but I draw the line at snakes, ticks, and wild turkeys. Wild turkeys are huge assholes. Do not mess with them.

Right when we pull into my brother's driveway the roofers working on his house tell us they killed a snake, and in case we didn't believe them they throw it off the roof onto the driveway to show us.

Welcome to Florida!

Later on we find a tick on my brother's dog. I then think I have a tick on my foot but it turns out it's just a piece of dirt.

On a drive to the store we see a wild turkey giving us the evil eye from the side of the road. Keep driving and hope he doesn't have friends.

Before dinner I decide to go outside to explore and find a Jumanji plant.

What is this and will it eat me?

See! Amazon.

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  1. I've heard that Florida is like a different world. I have never been, but I'd like to go as long as no crocodiles/alligators/whatever else has sharp teeth will be nearby.

    Ticks are the worst, but lizards and frogs are pretty cool.