Monday, August 26, 2013

Ready for Florida. Well sort of...

I’m leaving for Florida early Wednesday morning and I haven’t done a single thing to prepare for my trip. Wait, that’s not true, I washed my bathing suit. So that’s one thing down. I still need to do laundry, pack, clean (since my mother is staying over for a night), and actually call my mother back to answer such questions as “can you bring food through security? Call me back and let me know.”

Derek is staying home and taking care of the kitties. He can expect many notes and phone calls as he is new to the whole taking care of cats thing and I'm just slightly over protective about my cats. I’m sure he’ll do fine.

I’m going to miss my boyfriend and the cats while I’m gone but I’m very excited to see my brother and his family, plus it’s Florida! Hello palm trees and beaches and booze being much cheaper.

My brother does live near the beach so Derek expects me to come back with some sort of tan. Do not expect that, I may come back with more freckles but I don’t think anyone will ever use the words "Ginny" and "tan" in the same sentence. Posting here might be a little sporadic until I get back but hey it's vacation.

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  1. Mindy always gets bad at me in the summer because I tan really well and she just freckles. Have fun in Florida!!