Monday, August 5, 2013

I moved. I'm sore. I'm still internetless!

I moved on August 1st which is why you have not been assaulted with multiple blog posts everyday as usual.

I still have no internet at home which I'm going to blame on Latisha from Comcast since she claimed she would take care of tracking down the previous tenants to cut off their cable because they are idiots and never did it. Latisha never did any of that though because when I called back after the 48 hour window I was told there was no record of my calling Comcast.

Does Latisha exist? I don't know. Is she actually one of the previous tenants? Are we in the Matrix?

I am updating this from work, but don't worry this is my lunch. Mmmmm blog. It's delicious but probably bad for your health. I just wanted to let the few people that read this thing what's happening.

What has been happening since I moved:

There is a one handed man who collects cans that lives across the street.

There are rats (but outside so that's ok)

The apartment is great. I love it.

The neighborhood seems pretty quiet although who knows what will happen as of September 1 which is the college kids apocalypse.

The kitties are enjoying the windows. They can now see the outside world instead of a brick wall.

Derek and I have survived the first few days of co-habitation. We're still unpacking and getting settled in but the move is DONE. Thank God. Never move yourself. I am hiring movers from here on out.

Hopefully I'll be back in action soon with random pictures and cat stories.


  1. AHHH I remember my fiasco of not having internet when I moved! Horrible!!

  2. Replies
    1. She is whether she is real or not she is.

  3. moving is a blessing and a curse! I moved in June, and had similar comcast issues. I also declared to NEVER Move myself again -- it's not worth the hassle!! enjoy the new place!

    1. no it's so not. I will pay the money for movers next time.

      And thank you I am!