Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pretty much the best lights ever

My mother bought me Pillsbusry Doughboy lights at an estate sale for my kitchen. Almost all of my home decor is given to me by my mother because she likes to go to yard and estate sales abut she doesn't like to have clutter in her home. Thus she passes it on to me. Luckily she usually gives me things that I like.

These lights are pretty much the coolest. They kept falling down as I was using tape to hold them up but then Derek fixed them with some type of poster wall hanging adhesive without telling me. How nice was that? I'm training him well (just kidding Derek).

For those who have asked co-habitation is going well. I even caught Derek petting the cats! gasp!


  1. Bahahah why do those exist?!!? I'm not complaining...but why??

    1. I have no idea!! ha ha but I LOVE them

  2. I hope you know that just for that I'm going to have to leave the toilet seat up ;)