Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Date night at Pour House

Derek and I like to have a mid week date night. It's been a tradition since we first started dating and it's stuck. This week we ended up at Pour House. I love Pour House because it has cheap food and drinks (for Boston) and the food is actually pretty good.

I got the New York Pour Boy which is a double cheese burger with sauteed onions and bacon. The burgers are fairly small at Pour House so I usually get a double burger. If you visit the Pour House on Saturday night they have half priced burgers. It's a steal considering their food is already pretty cheap.

The decor in Pour House is a bit eclectic.

Naked lady painting? Sure, why not. I decided to spare you a photo of the creepy clown thing that was staring at me near our table.

The Pour House can get pretty packed on the weekend so I prefer a week night visit.


  1. gotta love date night!:) i went to Syracuse and this is the "official" bar where they play Cuse fball & bball games downstairs. i haven't been in a while though!

    1. The only time I've been downstairs was when they had some sort of beach party happening and that was pretty fun.