Friday, September 13, 2013

A haircut on Newbury Street without breaking the bank

I've been in desperate need of a haircut. I'd been putting it off telling myself I'd make an appointment next week and I just never did it. Weeks turned into months and the situation was becoming unruly. I finally picked up the phone and made an appointment with my usual salon, Back Bay Hair Designs.

I prefer to get my haircut on Newbury Street because it's close to my work and Newbury Street has a ton of salon options. I found Back Bay Hair Designs via yelp and have never been disappointed.

Newbury Street is full of converted brownstones so you'll find many shops and restaurants at basement level as well as street level and above street level. Back Bay Hair Designs is at basement level.

If you're looking for flowing waterfalls behind reception and champagne this place is not for you. I'd recommend G2O for that. I just want my haircut and styled for a good price.

Here's the result.

Rat's nest no more! I love it. My hair feels so much healthier. I always get my haircut by Liz who is very nice and always does exactly what I want. For a cut and blow dry it cost me $48.00. That is unreal for Newbury Street.

I picked a good day to get my hair done. Tonight Derek and I are having sushi with Germana and Andy for Germana's 29th birthday! We are getting old real fast guys. After sushi we're going to a hookah bar. Germana is a hookah bar virgin. I have a feeling she'll like it.

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