Saturday, September 21, 2013

I guess I'll take it as a compliment

So apparently there's a janitor at my work who has a crush on me. He asked my co-worker Lilly if I was married. She told him I had a boyfriend. He knows my name but we can't figure out how. I may say hello passing by but I've never introduced myself. I told Derek not to worry, I have no plans on leaving him for a short, middle aged janitor.

As a side note Melissa asked that I clarify that she "did not abandon my bff" she is moving back in March.


  1. Maybe he over heard someone call you by name? Since I watch WAY TOO MUCH true crime shows, I'm worried! LOL

    1. The weird thing is I usually go by Ginny so if he overheard my name I would assume he would have called me Ginny. I'm worried too! ha ha