Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's getting really emo on the way to this Fall Out Boy concert

So last night I went to a Fall Out Boy concert. The concert was in Lowell which is about a 50 minute drive from Boston. I hate Lowell. The streets are all one ways and split off and it's just not fun to drive in. Hey, when cow paths become streets!

We arrive at the venue with time to park and get inside except that the garage next to the arena was full. We started following other cars to another lot and I was getting super ragey due to an arena worker attempting to direct traffic but he had no idea what he was doing. He had me stop and kept letting cars cut in front of me. By the time I get to the other lot the person ahead of me got the last spot. Thank you venue dude! We then spend the next 15-20 minutes trying to find parking. I was ready to rip someone's head off by the time we actually foud another garage.

Something you may not know about me is that when I get really angry or pissed off I cry. I can't control it, it's just what happens. I guess that's better than being violent and punching walls but it can be a little embarrassing. So here I am walking towards the venue with tears in my eyes because I'm so upset by the ridiculous parking situation. Derek was trying to stay positive while I was just being a raging teary eyed bitch.

We missed Panic at the Disco but made it in time for Fall Out Boy. We had general admission tickets but they weren't letting people onto the floor of the GA area. Apparently Fall Out Boy's people decided there were too many people down there and told us to find somewhere else to go. We didn't have seats though due to the GA tickets so we had to squish in near a railing in the back by concession stands.

Here's my suggestion. Don't sell more GA tickets than you have room for. It's not right to make people stand near the concession stands because the floor is "too full". Not my problem that you oversold.

The concert was just ok. The set list was good but the sound at the venue was awful. The worst was Pete Wentz's random speeches. They were pretty much "I'm just like you guys despite the champagne and rock n roll life style" and "long live punk rock! No one can stop us!". No, you're not just like us Pete Wentz and stop talking about how punk your band is. You're not a punk band.

Then on the way home I honked and almost ran down some college students who decided to hang out in the middle of the street drinking. I laid on my horn and they looked at me very confused. Horn = move out of my way NOW!

After a good nights sleep my mood is much better. My house warming party is tonight and I'm ready to hang out with my friends and drink some dranks. I'm also attempting to make guacamole. If it's good it might be gone by the time the party starts. Oops.


  1. I have that exact same reaction when I get angry. Then I just get angrier because I am crying. It's never a good situation.

  2. I cry when I'm angry sometimes -- if I'm really feeling overwhelmed. It's just a natural reaction. I did that at work at Pizza Hut a time or two... my coworkers thought I was nuts for awhile. Oh well.

    That's really dumb about the GA area. That's what I wanted to get when I bought tickets, but they were sold out and the ones on Stubhub were wayyy overpriced.. maybe I should be glad I got actual assigned seating? That's lame that you had a not-so-great experience. I feel like concerts are a hit or miss that way. The whole experience is based on so much more than just the band -- but what idiots you're standing near, the sound, etc.

    1. It's probably good that you got seats. Not sure if they'll do the same at the venue you're going to but I was really annoyed about that.