Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Somehow this post turned into a partial review of a Lifetime movie and I'm sorry about that

So I downloaded the new i0s7 on my iphone because everyone was talking about it and said it was pretty and well I like pretty things and being able to talk about things that everyone else is talking about. "Oh man that new i0s7 took forever to download but it looks really cool!" I can't be left out of that stimulating conversation.

After two hours my iphone was ready to go. First it asks me to log into my icloud. I type in my password about 8 times and it's wrong every time. I know it's not wrong because I download music and apps all the time. I decide to just ignore it for now as I don't really use icloud.

Next up my phone asks me if I want to password protect my phone. I didn't have a password before but I recently watched this Lifetime movie called Social Nightmare where Daryl Hannah ruins her daughter's life by posting from her daughter's facebook and saying mean things like "ha ha I got into this school and you didn't you're a loser!" Whoa, way harsh Tai! Sorry I just spoiled the movie but you'll thank me because I just saved two hours of your life. So Lifetime has made me paranoid that someone is going to post mean things from my facebook and then I'm going to get kicked off the yearbook committee.

I should be all set to go with the new i0s7 except that my fingers do not seem to be compatible. With i0s7 you have to swipe up to close out of apps (which I do obsessively because I'm convinced I'm saving so much battery life), but I just keep swiping and swiping and nothing happens. My fingers are not working!

Other problems I'm having: when I try to scroll when I'm on the internet my iphone keeps thinking I'm trying to copy everything. I just want to scroll iphone, is that too much to ask?

There is one thing I like about the new i0s7 (besides the looking pretty bit) and that's the new call block feature! I can now block certain numbers from calling me! Now every time I get a political phone call I put that sucker on BLOCK.

Now if I could just figure out how to make my fingers and iphone compatible I'll be all set.

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