Monday, October 14, 2013

Because I totally have 10,000.00 to spend on dental work

I went to the dentist today and everything seemed to be going well. I have no cavities and my gums and roots look fine. All great news, until my dentist gives me the bad news. Five of my back teeth are very work down due to acid erosion. Don't worry I'm not bulimic or anything, good old acid reflux is to blame apparently. They can do a permanent ceramic partial crown but that will cost 2,000.00 a tooth! I have five teeth that need it done. Now I'm not good at math but I'm good at realizing that's a lot of freaking money.

My dentist is now going to write a letter to my insurance company basically telling them why they should cover this. Most likely insurance will come back and say no, because we're an insurance company and would rather let your teeth erode away and have very expensive root canals and teeth implants in the future. Yes, that makes total sense.

So I guess the dentist was a win lose lose lose lose lose situation today.

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