Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh I, I just died in your bar tonight. It must have been something I smelled.

Please read the title of this blog post as if singing the song below.

Why is this band called Cutting Crew? Are they talking about hair, because they are not cutting anything except hair.

There's a local bar called Harry's that I really like. The food is good (fried pickles baby!) and it's never too crowded. I have no complaints until I have to pee. The woman's bathroom at Harry's smells like a stairwell that homeless people pee in that's next to a sewage treatment plant. It is honestly the worst bathroom I've ever smelled. It's worse than Charlie's Kitchen (which is pretty bad) and worse then the Middle East upstairs where you have to use a foot to keep the door closed while peeing.

I try to hold my pee for as long as possible while at Harry's but at some point I have to go. At least it's been cooler out so I have a scarf that I can use as a protective face mask. I was hoping that maybe this was a one time bathroom thing. Some drunk girl maybe peed all over the place or something but now we're 3 for 3 here. I think it's just a smelly bathroom.

I'm really concerned about smelling like the bathroom when I leave. I smell my hair to make sure it's not on me. What's really not fair is that Derek said the men's room is fine. What the heck! He should have to suffer too!


  1. Ew girl. That's weird that the women's room smells worst than the men's room. My experience has always been the opposite.

    1. I know I don't understand what's happening. Maybe Derek can't smell. I'm tempted to go into the men's room myself and investigate.