Thursday, October 31, 2013

Freckled goth?

I dyed my hair last night. It's now dark brown rather than blah brown. Derek asked if I'm going goth. I don't think I can due to my freckles. I don't know if they'll except me.

When I googled goth freckles I found this.

What is your opinion on freckles on goths? I'll just come right out with it. As a natural redhead, I'm covered in freckles. My legs, arms, and face are covered with the little bastards. Now, they were cute when I was a little girl, and they seem to do wonders for making people think I'm younger than I am, but I feel like my skin is flawed somehow. I admit it; I want alabaster skin, and I'm pale enough. The problem with freckles is that no matter how carefully you hide them behind foundation and powder they always manage to show up you can't foundation your arms (well you could but that would be a pain). How many of you have freckles? Can they work with goth style?

My next question is whether any of you have tried skin bleaching methods and whether or not they worked for you. I want to try them on my arms and legs to get some of the freckles to fade, but I'm not sure I want them gone on my face, if that makes any sense at all.

Opinions? Thoughts? Freckles?!

Poor girl. Do not hide your freckles, rock your freckles! Your skin is not flawed. She posted this back in 2009. I hope she has learned to love her freckled self and did not try to bleach her skin.

Happy Halloween! I went to buy lunch today and everyone was getting in the spirit.

So the Red Sox won the World Series in case your didn't hear. I was watching American Horror Story and then switched over to the game to watch the end. I high-fived the cats and then we sprayed each other with champagne.

Mr. Binx had his dental surgery. Poor guy had a bad infection in his gums. When they pulled out two of his teeth puss came out. He should be fine though. The vet said that even with the sore gums he'll be feeling better now that those teeth are out and they cleaned out the infection. Cats are really good at hiding when they're sick. Make sure you bring them to your vet for regular checkups (says momma Ginny).

One more thing. HOLY SMOKES AMERICAN HORROR STORY WAS GOOD LAST NIGHT. That scene in the bathroom with the acid in the face was freaky and the other bathroom scene with the tongue thing. GAH! Just a real good episode all around.

Tonight I'm off the Green Briar for some Halloween fun! When do I get to sleep?


  1. Too scared of AHS. I assumed the title of this post was about a halloween costume! Also, poooor kitty.

    1. I love AHS! Maybe I'll go as a freckled goth next year ha ha.