Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Give me your skulls

This is Derek when he thinks about vitamin water. Kidding Derek!!

I have a thing for anything with skulls on it. I used to have skull rain boots and I wore them to death. So yeah I love this shirt. I had to do this weird semi ballet pose in the mirror to not block the skulls. You can see I am concentrating very hard here.

It's from Express. When did you get cool Express?

I walked home from work yesterday to get in a little exercise before it starts getting too cold. It takes about 50 minutes but it's a nice walk. I'll probably be doing it again today due to the Red Sox game. It's much easier to avoid the T when there's a game at Fenway.

Back in the day when I lived in Somerville I had to walk much further to get to and from the T. I moved to Brighton and gained 10-15 pounds just from not walking that much anymore. Ok ok and I'm also not 23 anymore but my point is I need to walk more.

Poor Frankenstein is just hanging out on the sidewalk and people have to write all over him. At least he looks happy and hasn't been deflated by a drunken college student.

On my walk home I ran into Jesse (I met Jesse years ago through Melissa). I waved hi to Jesse and was going to keep walking since he was on the phone but it turns out he was talking to Melissa so we had a little "conference" call on the sidewalk there. I love when random stuff like that happens.

Oh and one more thing. Go Dick! Can't wait for the Veronica  Mars movie.

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