Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hot Hits

Dinner and drinks at City Side. We somehow went through 5 pitchers of Bud Light?! I got the hiccups on the way home which is always fun.

The "Hot Hits" were not to be found unless we time traveled back to the 70s. There was a table of older guys next to us and they were picking the worst music. I'm in a bar, I don't want to hear 70s soft rock.

I had to take a little trip to the post office to pick up a package. I really love when the post office wants you to sign for a package but of course the only time they'll come by is when you're at work. I drove over and then I couldn't find a parking spot so I had to park almost back near my house and walk over. Errands are FUN.

I may have a foliage obsession. Sorry.


  1. So if the World Series goes to game 6, Mindy and I are driving to Boston and staying at a friend's. We just plan on going to a bar and watching the game because tickets are crazy expensive. We just think it would be fun to be in Boston if the Red Sox win. Any suggestions on what bar we should go to?

    1. It's crazy but awesome! Are you looking for someplace near Fenway or just someplace in Boston in general? Fenway area can be a little insane and packed but there are a ton of bars near there. I live in Allston which is about a 15-20 minute T ride to Fenway, there are tons of bars there to.