Monday, October 28, 2013

The cats and I are hatching a plan

Derek and I stayed in on Saturday night which is rare for us but we both needed a night of rest.

What on earth is this Netlfix? So does he actually have magical powers? I'm slightly curious about this movie but I don't think I can watch it sober. Might be one for a movie night with Lil Anne and Fiona.

Definitely did not and will not be watching this. I would recommend watching Sofie's Choice instead unless you are feeling really down, then don't because that movie will make you ball your eyes out.

And Netlifx your best guess is waaaaaaaaaaaay off.

I could eat Chinese Food everyday. I would be very fat but very happy and then very depressed about my lack of self control.

Not sure if the Chinese food gave me heartburn but I was not feeling so hot in the esophagus Saturday night. It's hard to tell if it's something I ate or just nothing at all. I can breathe air and get heartburn.

Laser eye kitty. Bosco headbutted Derek and then curled up in his lap. We are slowly working on making him into a cat person. Good job Bosco.

Window surveillance time. Very exciting weekend for the whole household.

Also I was watching Murder She Wrote and Jin from Lost was on this one episode. One of my favorite games is to find people from Lost on other shows. The prize is satisfaction.

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