Saturday, October 19, 2013

Snake rattle n roll

The snakes tried to escape. Bosco was not having it. Seriously though that cat is like a hawk and he can spot a bug or mouse from a mile away. I then started throwing them towards the cats and they both went nuts playing with them.

Hogwarts?!! I love this building so much. I pass it on my way to work everyday. There are gargoyles (but no Harry Potter). I've been walking to work if the weather is good. It takes me about 45-50 minutes but exercise is good for ya.

I was covering the front desk Friday and saw Lilly's awesome paperweights. I want her desk bling.

New hat from Target. I lost my favorite black hat last winter and I couldn't find a good replacement. I was pretty annoyed, everyone was crying at the hat funeral and there was no hat to bury. It was not as bad as when my favorite dress got ruined by bleach but pretty close. I spotted this hat at target and although it's not cold enough yet I couldn't pass it up. I'm ready winter, bring on your icy cold wrath.

Bosco does not know how large he is. He will squish into any box. The best was the shoe box that actually burst apart while he was in it. He was so confused as to what happened. I'm like "dude you're fat!" He hasn't given up though. He will fit in that box damn it!

Halloween party is tonight! Can't wait to reveal Derek's costume to you.

If you're curious about the title of this blog post it's only from one of the best video games of all time!! My brother and I were obsessed and it was a two player so we didn't have to fight over it.

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