Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hipster Medusa

It took me over an hour to sew these suckers in. It was kind of a weird reverse mullet wig. Next year I'm not wearing a wig. Too hot and itchy and the hair kept getting in my mouth.

Derek went as a hipster aka "Ginny's ex-boyfriends". Ha ha very funny. Never dated a guy with a handlebar mustache.

Hipster Medusa is not impressed.

Aaron Hernandez won best costume. Well deserved.

This little kid came up to me and said "I bet you're not wearing anything under your costume." What on earth?! I told him of course I was.

Yep, abandoned my wig. My head needed a break. I really love these glasses.

White people know how to p-a-r-t-y. Conga line.

Red Sox won too!

I have more pics from the Last Drop. I'll save those for another post. I think I've bombarded you enough.