Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I liked about Super Fun Night freaking Jim from Muppet Treasure Island!!

I love Rebel Wilson so of course I watched her new show Super Fun Night last night. Early reviews were not pretty but I actually thought it wasn't that bad. There were quite a few lines that actually made me laugh out loud. "HEY HEY HEY if I were a pony, what color mane do you think I'd have?"

My favorite part of the show was actually the character Richard who was Jim on Muppet Treasure Island! I literally did an arm flail when I looked him up on IMDB and found that out.

Fun Ginny fact Muppet Treasure Island is one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME!

Anyways, time to put my flail away and finish this post.

I liked Richard because he likes Kimmie and Kimmie likes him and when Kendall was trying to impress Richard (while being horrible to Kimmie in the process) Richard shot her down. High five all grown up Jim.

I think the show has potential. There were some good one liners in there. I think Kimmie was a bit too self conscious but the whole point of the show is that she's trying to break out of her shell so maybe we'll see that happen if the show doesn't get cancelled. Also, Rebel should have her normal accent. At list Jim has his accent in the show.

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