Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here's some winter for ya

This morning I stepped outside and mother nature was all "here's some winter for ya". I imagine mother nature to have an old lady voice. I should have worn my new warm boots instead of my pretty glittery flats. I couldn't feel my feet.

Went to the doctor's about the never ending fountain of acid coming up in the back of my throat. I am to double up on my current medicine and take a prescription strength Zantac before bed for four weeks. I thought I'd share this with you so you'll know what your life will be like when you're 90. Your Boston hero will be laying low tonight watching American Horror Story.

Important news of the day - The Wahlbergs are going to have a reality tv show. I've eaten at Wahlbergers and Alma Nove. I think it's time I head back and become best friends with the Wahlbergs.


  1. Oh my god a whakberg show? Best news ever! X

    1. I can't wait to watch it (and try to be in it ha ha)