Friday, November 15, 2013

The Burt Reynolds shot and some good news

Derek and I went to Elephant & Castle last night for dinner. After days of very plain food due to my stomach I was looking forward to eating something good. I got a burger and fries and luckily I felt find.

Apparently there's a "Burt Reynolds" shot.

For some reason I found this very amusing. I imagine taking the Burt Reynolds shot and growing an amazing stache. Sadly I did not order one despite being curious. I don't like shots and I'm certainly not going to do shots on a work night. I'm sure my stomach was grateful as well.

I've noticed that every time Derek and I go to Elephant & Castle someone at the bar is buying other patrons drinks. Last night a guy wanted to buy everyone a round of shots. We've had men on business trips buy us drinks, couples buys us drinks, bartenders buy us drinks - you can see why we like it there. Everyone is really nice and we've met some really entertaining people. Of course we buy people drinks too (just not the whole bar...)

I had some good news today. I had my review at work and I got a raise! I plan on putting the extra money into my savings for future car repairs, cat teeth and my own teeth. Is it weird that I'm excited about building up my savings? Well I am. Now that I'm almost 30 I'm really trying to focus on building up my savings and paying off my credit cards.

Besides the raise I've also been getting lots of complements on my work outfit today. I'd say it's a pretty good Friday.