Sunday, December 1, 2013

Put a bird on it. Christmas Tree edition.

Derek and I booked a trip to St. Thomas for May. I am beyond excited. I'm already looking at bathing suits online. Now if I can somehow manage to lose 10lbs by May I will be very happy.

This is not helping though.

White chocolate and mint is amazing. I haven't even eaten half of it yet. I have great self control when it come to sweets. I have zero self control around potato products. I've decided to try to cut out french fries and potato chips for the month of December. I did this once before and it was very hard but I think it's time I do it again. I've been eating way too many french fries lately.

Instant cat bed. He looks so cute!

At first we had too few lights then we had too many. It took me half of Star Wars Episode IV to get the lights up.

Say a prayer that the cats don't break these. So far there has been no attempt to climb the tree.

The tree has a ton of birds on it. Some came from my mom and some I bought at Target. I didn't intend to have so many birds on the tree but I like them. This one looks like he's about to shake a tail feather.

Oh man I just got this song stuck in my head now. Still can't help bouncing around when I hear it.

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