Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things I hope for in 2014

2013 is almost done folks so I'd like to share some things I'm hoping for in 2014.

  • To never have to hear the word "twerking" again
  • For my stomach to stop being such a bitch
  • To make time to read more as I slacked pretty hard in the reading department in 2013
  • To become BFFs with J. Law and Josh Hutcherson.

  • For the Boston marathon to be amazing and fun and hopeful, how it should always be
  • For Melissa to move back to Boston. If this does not happen I am sending a bounty hunter after her.
  • To keep up my exercise routine and healthier eating (3 weeks and going strong baby. I should have lost like 20lbs by now right?....)
  • That bloggers stop making everything about making money. I'm tired of seeing product endorsements and the word "personal brand" is thrown around way too much. I've had to abandon reading quite a few blogs I used to like because of this.
  • For politicians to take their heads out of their asses and get something done. (HA! Very wishful thinking)
  • Save more $
  • Learn a new skill. No clue what skill so feel free to make suggestions
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I approve of all of these. Especially the one about politicians!

    1. I should have ALL CAPS AND BOLDED that one

  2. The word "personal brand" squicks me out more than I can say. That said, broke girl's got bills to pay and if someone's going to give me monies to talk about time shares and stuff, well...

    My thing has always been being super clear about paid posts. I've had people come to me and ask me to write about stupid stuff that I don't care about and YAY MONEY, but they want me to pretend it's not paid and aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure that's illegal, it's also unethical and gross and a line I refuse to cross. It's a respect thing, for me, to begin the post with, "I got paid to do this." It's insulting to everyone otherwise.

    1. YES. I lot of bloggers don't say it's a paid post. That drives me nuts. Just admit it. Who cares?

      I think my biggest pet peeve is people who just take any offer that comes along even if it has nothing to do with their blog. If it's something you actually like and would use I can respect that.

      There was a healthy living blogger promoting sugary crap drinks. I'm like come on you tell your readers to avoid soda and too much juice and then you're going to promote that on product on your blog?!!