Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Confessions of a sandwich bag lady.

It's time I admit to the internet that I'm a bag lady. My purse if full of sandwich bags.

Before you call My Strange Addiction, I seriously do have a reason for this. I'm worried about stuff getting all over my purse. I have lotion, hand sanitizer, tic tacs, gum, drugs (of the legal over the counter variety) and feminine hygiene products. I don't want all of this floating around in my purse or even worse opening and getting everywhere. That would just be a mess. Having everything in plastic sandwich bags seemed like an easy solution.

Once my friends found out about this stash in my purse they made me take out every single plastic baggie and face the truth. I have a plastic baggie hoarding problem.

As you can see Derek is horrified by the truth. A photo was taken and posted on facebook to shame me.

And I'm still reaching in my purse to find more!

But you know you really need help when your problem starts affecting those closest to you.

I have finally caved and ordered two small makeup bags online that can fit in my purse. The plastic bags shall be laid to rest and I will start to move on with my life like a normal purse carrying lady.

Anyone else have any odd habits? I can't be the only weird one.

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