Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorry future children you're going to Blaine Beauty School.

One of my co-workers is pregnant so the topic of babies and children comes up quite frequently at work. Today we started talking about how expensive kids are. If you didn't know this little fact I'd like to inform you of another fact - many forms of birth control are now completely free with insurance!

Derek and I have discussed having kids. When you're in a serious relationship you talk about these things. I always joke that I'm going to have twins (seriously I really don't want twins but I have this gut feeling I will). Derek's response is "No way, we can't pay for college for two kids!" My response is "We're paying for our children's college education? It will be so expensive by then, we'll have to sell organs or something."

Honestly it's a very nice sentiment to want to pay for your future children's education, but today at work I realized an easy solution. Our future twins are going to Blanie Beauty School. I'll pay for that and then we get free hair cuts. Ok maybe just me because Derek shaves his head. And if they choose something like auto repair I'd be fine with that too. I need someone who can fix my car on the cheap.

I'm really glad that I've figured this all out.

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