Saturday, January 25, 2014

Missing old pets.

I was looking through photos on my computer and came across an old photo of my cat Tigger.

He was the first cat I had and he was awesome. My aunt was working at an animal shelter at the time and had given him to us as a gift. He was declawed because his previous owners were having a baby. They decided to give him up anyways even after declawing him. I named him Tigger because I was 5 and into Winnie the Pooh.

Tigger was very smart. He knew how to open doors by reaching up and jiggling the door knob. He escaped once and came back later that night meowing at the front door. He also could be pretty dumb in that he ate anything plastic including the shower curtain. He had to have surgery to have plastic removed from his intestines. He managed to sneak down into our neighbor's apartment multiple times through the basement. He could be a pain in the ass but I loved him.

Finding this photo has me feeling a little nostalgic. I miss all my old cats and the house I grew up in. I even miss the melted siding from my neighbors plastic pumpkin that caught on fire on the front porch (see photo above right behind Tigger).

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  1. Aww, what a sweet looking kitty.

    My mom and I were talking about the dog we had when I was growing up the other day. It's amazing because I can't picture her clearly in my head anymore. She was a great dog and I do miss her when I think about her, but those memories have faded so much over the years. It's sad how that happens.