Friday, January 24, 2014

There will be bagels or blood.

Every Friday one of my co-workers buys bagels for the office. I enjoy my bagel and I enjoy that I don't have to pay for it (it's on the company). This Friday our co-worker who purchases the bagels decided not to do it. He normally does it because he controls the petty cash. Now the problem is we all expect bagels on Friday so we don't bring our breakfast and so chaos ensued.

"Why are there no bagels!!"

"I swear to God you better go downstairs and get those bagels!"

"This is going to turn into the Hunger Games really fast!" "Is that why you're holding that knife?"

"I'm going to have to eat CEREAL!"

People were digging through their desk for old oatmeal packets. It was a sad morning. Finally our co-worker caved and went downstairs to get the bagels. Crisis averted.

All is quiet around the office but that's probably because we're all shoving bagels into our mouths.

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