Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reliving my early 20s. Sort of....

Derek and I went to dinner at Washington Square Tavern last night and for fun I decided to send my friend Daryl a text that I would send him a couple times a week in my early 20s.


I thought it would be funny to text him that for old times sake. To my surprise he actually showed up. It would have been a full reunion if Melissa was back from Florida.

Derek got to hear a few stories from my "party years". Sometimes I miss those days but I do not miss the drain on my bank account or the hangovers. Ok I still have hangovers but they are much less frequent now. I still go out but my nights no longer end with running through a play ground or an empty dentist office in Melissa's building.

Besides 30 is the new 20 right? I'm still a young spring chicken but a more responsible spring chicken.


  1. LOL, the bank account never misses those days. The bank account is glad those days are behind us.

    Here's to being a responsible spring chicken!

    1. Well I may have blown a lot of money going out but I did have some good times :) Live and learn I guess