Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sucked back into the Real World

I haven't watched the Real World since the first Vegas season. I don't know why I stopped watching but I did. I decided to start watching again once I saw the previews for this season. You win MTV. I will watch your Ex-Plosion season of the Real World.

Jenny is my favorite so far. She's kind of a weirdo which I can relate to.

She likes garlic and bananas and can make hot cocoa with her feet - or so she says.

The Golden Globes are tonight and Tina and Amy are hosting again. I probably won't watch the whole thing because Downton Abbey is on tonight as well, but I can at least catch the first hour.

In non tv news there seems to be a leak in the ceiling in our bathroom. We have a drop ceiling in every room of our apartment except for the main hallway and the kitchen. I was in the bathroom this morning and I noticed a large stain on one of the ceiling panels. I felt it and it was wet. I hate having to call maintenance because I'm paranoid about the cats getting out.

It's Sunday and beautiful out. I've gotten a taste of spring the last two days and it's going to be tough going back to the reality that it's still winter. For today though I'm pretending it's April.

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