Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dropping Acid (it's not what you think it is) and Mr. Pamuk is Four?

I kept seeing one book pop up over and over again when I was searching for recipes for GERD - Dropping Acid the Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure. Not only does is have great recipes but it also talks about how acidic our diets are in general due to prepared foods being increasingly acidified to prevent growth of bacteria and to extend shelf life. It makes sense to me. Eat less processed crap!

Work has been pretty busy the past two weeks which is good for my eating smaller meals plan. Keeps me distracted so I'm not tempted to eat too much. I'm getting used to it though and the frequent smaller meals are keeping the hunger pains away. I was very proud of myself today when I only ate half of this giant chicken salad sandwich.

I was talking with a former co-worker about the upcoming Divergent movie via email and he pointed out that Four was Mr. Pamuk on Downton Abbey! How did I not realize this before??

Your fate is much better in Divergent Theo.

The Boston Marathon safety protocols have been revealed. No bags, no strollers no unregistered runners or baggy clothing. There are a few problems here. If it's cold on Marathon Monday people will be wearing jackets. That could be a problem. Also people often have to run across the course to get to the other side of a street. Are you going to get in trouble for that? I don't know but I do it every year so I can get to the spot where I watch and to the bar I like to go to. I guess I'll have to leave my purse at home too which I'm ok with. 

It's going to be weird for sure but I still plan on heading out in Brookline like I usually do. We can't let fear rule our lives and I want to be there to support the runners (by drinking beer and cheering of course).

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