Monday, February 10, 2014

The best birthday ever.

I am not exaggerating when I say my 30th birthday was my best birthday ever.

On my actual birthday (February 4th) I was sick with a really bad cold. One of my co-workers made me a champagne cake and Derek made me soup since I was sick. Not the best actual birthday day but you can't control when you get a cold (despite my washing my hands all the freaking time).

Friday I was planning on staying in since my actual party was on Saturday. Derek convinced me to go to the Green Briar for dinner and I agreed since I'd been cooped up all week. After we finished eating Derek quickly asked for the check which I thought was weird because I was planning on hanging out and having a few drinks. I was actually a little annoyed because he was the one who insisted on going out in the first place.

Then our friend Juston showed up at the bar and told me to get my purse and put on my coat. I looked at Derek confused but Derek just told me to have fun and took off. Juston drove me to my friend Kerri's house where a bunch of my lady friends had planned a surprise birthday party.

I could only imagine the look on my face when I came in and saw my two cousins there as well. I was not expect that and it was a nice surprise. There was one other surprise.... a stripper. I could not stop laughing from embarrassment. We invited him to stay for cake after the "performance". He was very nice and into sewing and law.

There are photos but I'm not posting them on my blog. Sorry folks.

I was absolutely surprised. I've always wanted a surprise party but you can't tell people that! So thank you friends for a great night and my first surprise party.

Saturday night was birthday round 2 at Golden Temple followed by Washington Square Tavern. I can share pictures from that.

Todd: "Am I finally going to make it on your blog?"

You've made it Todd! Welcome to the big leagues. All the cool people are on my blog.

 Germana is too cool for me.

Derek and Andy also too cool for me.

Cousin photo! Let's all smile the same.

Derek was supposed to smile. Nope...

I don't know what's happening here....

Tavern time at the end the night.

So far 30 is great. I love it! I'm lucky to have such great friends and a great boyfriend even though he won't smile for my birthday photo.

P.S. Yes Derek knew about the stripper. He was asked to help pick out the stripper but he passed.


  1. Welcome to 30! Looks like it was an awesome celebration! :)