Thursday, February 6, 2014

Still getting over being sick and Bosco is high as a kite.

Bosco is back from his 3rd dental surgery in 3 years. He's still out of it but the vet that I go to now uses a shot of antibiotics and pain meds (time released) so I don't have to shove pills down his throat. So much better! This vet is also cheaper because they're in the burbs and not in the city. The vet said that he should not need to have dental work next year as all his back teeth have been pulled. Fingers crossed.

I'm still not feeling 100% but I'm slowly getting there. The cough I have sounds awful but my nose is feeling better. Derek is getting stir crazy. I'm hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to go out for a little bit. Nothing crazy! Saturday is my birthday party.

I called my insurance company and my insurance does not cover the mirror because I do not have "comprehensive coverage". I already pay almost $200.00 a month for car insurance so I'm not adding it on. Derek thinks he can put on the new mirror himself so that's good at least. He also offered to pay for the mirror which is really nice of him. Money has been tight for me due to my teeth and my fur child 's teeth. My "emergency fund" is once again drained. Better wait to buy that mansion until next year.

I've started re-watching Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime. I haven't seen it in so long I've forgotten so much! The first season aired in 2004! How was that ten years ago?! 

Makes me wish I went to high school in California and was a sassy teenage detective.


  1. $200 a month and it doesn't even include comprehensive coverage?! I think I pay about $45 and it includes everything. Which insurance company are you with? Have you had a lot of moving violations?

    1. Progressive which is cheaper than commerce which I did have. Living in Allston does not help plus my car is a 2005 and considered a "luxury" model. How on earth are you paying only $45?!! I don't think I could get anything close to that.

    2. I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra and Liberty Mutual Insurance. I upped the deductible to $1000 instead of $500, have never had any moving violations or been in any at-fault accidents (so I'm on the lowest driving record tier), and get the MBTA pass discount and the low mileage (<5000 miles per year) discount.

    3. maybe I should get a quote from them. Progressive gives nothing for low millage discount. My deductible is low ($500). When I moved to Allston my insurance shot up though. So annoying.

    4. Shockingly my insurance rate did not change significantly between Agawam, Allston, and Somerville. Not sure why exactly but I'm not complaining! I can give you my agent's info at Liberty Mutual if you want. He's about our age and is really great to work with.