Friday, April 18, 2014

Allston Rock City living: Come join the drunk parade.

I live in a part of Boston known as Allston. I have a love hate relationship with Allston. I love being close to the T and bars and restaurants. I hate the drunk college student parade that occurs on my street Thursday through Saturday night and I hate my neighbors.

Here's what living in Allston has been like so far.

+ I'm pretty sure no one in my building speaks English or they hate me or both. I try and say hello and I get the Kimmy-Jin look.

 photo kimmy-jin_zps74a542a2.gif

+ The people in my building like to complain to property management about noise. Have you looked outside your window? There's a drunk undergrad parade happening up and down our street.

+ Speaking of the drunk undergrad parade there's vomiting, trying to walk with your pants around your ankles, peeing on things, kicking off car mirrors and you have to shout everything as loud as you can. Bring the kids, it's a fun time.

+ My neighbors to the left like to sit in the front yard in a kiddie pool and drink when it's nice out. I want to be friends with them.

+ I've gotten used to the rats. I used to freak out when one would run by but now it's no big deal. I sometimes forget this when people come and visit.

"Um I think I saw a rat run by outside."

"Oh you definitely did."

+ There's a swastika in the basement. I mean really?! What is wrong with people.

+ A house a few doors down got teepeed and the people who live there just left it until the toilet paper disintegrated. I applaud your laziness.

Despite my complaining Allston is certainly an interesting place to live. I don't know if I could ever trade city life for the sticks.


  1. Sounds like you live in an area similar to where I work. There are apartments over my bar and a few years ago, a new guy moved in and had the audacity to make noise complaints against us.

    1. Oh yes living over a bar is great if you want peace and quiet. People make no sense sometimes

  2. I was telling someone about the kicking car mirrors story yesterday. "Allston. Nice to visit."

    1. ha ha yes. Nice to visit, not nice to live or park your car.